Big Dip

Big Dip

by Ronald Seroda on Feb 28, 2020

Markets, Investing

This week financial market watchers were treated to a show not seen since 2008, as the markets took a tumble on the Coronavirus disrupting tourism, manufacturing supply chains and consumer spending/confidence; grab your popcorn and don't panic!  It isn't all bad news, a declining market, is, in fact, the perfect time to reassess the make up of  the holdings in your portfolio and take advantage of the changing trends, as well as get in on investments and equities that may have previously been out of one's price range. 

This is perfect time to get a full analysis of your portfolio at Life Planning Agency, Inc. to  ensure that you are hedged to meet the challenges of a bear market cycle. Don't panic, downturns in the stock market mean opportunity.

Let us make this Big Dip your opportunity to tune up your portfolio!